Gentaur offers a full line of quality diagnostic kits, which include:
Enzymatic Assays, ELISA Kits, One-Step Rapid Tests and Chemistry Reagents.

Elisa Kits:

Our Elisa kits are ready to be used as soon as you recieve them.
We have more than 100 Elisa kits.
you can find all our Elisa kits products on our Elisa kits page

Enzymatic Assay Kits:

Our Enzymatic Assay Kits are easy to use.
We have more than 30 Enzymatic Assay Kits.
you can find all our Enzymatic Assay Kits on our Enzymatic Assay Kits page

Clinical Chemistry Kits:

Our Clinical Chemistry Kits are 1 of the best Clinical Chemistry Kits .
We have more than 70 Clinical Chemistry Kits.
You can find all our Clinical Chemistry Kits on our Clinical Chemistry Kits page

Rapid Tests:

We have more than 70 Rapid tests.
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